Why You Should Hire an IRS Audit Defense Lawyer?

Hiring an IRS Audit Defense Lawyer Service is essential if you are facing an audit by the IRS. An auditor can impose substantial tax penalties, including criminal charges. They will ask for a large amount of paperwork and may even require you to submit a criminal complaint. An audit is stressful for even the most experienced taxpayer, so it’s important to hire a tax attorney to help you navigate through the process. You should also hire a lawyer who is familiar with tax law and can offer tips on how to avoid a stressful audit.


Using a lawyer will protect your rights. You have the right to representation and the right to appeal disagreements within the IRS and in the courts. An audit can be concluded in one of three ways: no changes, agreed changes, or disagreed changes. If you disagree with the IRS’s conclusion of your return, you can hire a tax attorney to prepare your response. They will also represent you in meetings with the auditor and will present your case legally.

When you hire a tax attorney, you can avoid a court appearance and a lengthy audit process. Tax attorneys are experienced in tax law, and they know the best way to defend their clients. With years of experience, Defense Tax Partners is able to represent clients throughout the country. As an independent firm, they are able to handle a wide variety of tax-related matters. And, because of our firm’s vast experience, we are able to provide comprehensive legal support and guidance.

You may decide to negotiate an installment agreement or settlement agreement with the IRS. In addition, you can negotiate an offer in compromise. The IRS may determine that you have a civil liability. If you agree to a settlement or offer in compromise, you can lower the amount you owe. You can also challenge the IRS’s decision on appeal. If the statute of limitations has expired, you will have the right to contest the assessment.

An IRS Audit can result in a penalty. When you hire an IRS Audit Defense Lawyer in Bethesda, MD, you can get a reduction of your penalties. The IRS will consider your arguments in favor of your appeal. The attorney will help you prepare your appeal for the best chance of success. A tax lawyer will also present your case in the court, so your appeals will be successful. This is the only way to avoid a costly court appearance.

In addition to tax law, your attorney will also protect your rights. It will stand up for your rights and fight for your case in the IRS. You can hire a CPA or an experienced tax attorney to represent you in a tax dispute with the IRS. The lawyer should be familiar with tax law and accounting principles. Combined, they will provide the best representation possible. A competent audit defense lawyer can save you time and money.

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