Advantages of Text Based Virtual Counseling

Virtual Counseling is often referred to as Online Counseling, Computer-Assisted Counseling (CAC) or Telemedicine. Virtual Counseling is an alternative method to traditional face-to-face counseling. It is available in many areas and can be used by people from all walks of life. The following paragraphs will discuss the benefits of virtual counseling and what it can do for you.


Virtual Counseling is the online, telephone or webcam based counseling of a non-face-to-face nature. Virtual Counseling is also sometimes referred to as Virtual Counseling/Computer-Assisted Counseling or Telemedicine. Virtual Counseling is a service provided for distant, telephonic support where you are able to utilize a webcam, internet portal, telephone or voice chat to assist clients with a range of psychological needs. Those who are having difficulty locating a therapist, may find this kind of support very helpful.


The benefits of Virtual Counseling in Tampa Florida are often quite noticeable, when compared to traditional therapy. Clients typically report less rejection and an increased ability to maintain relationships and communication with their therapist. Therapists are able to meet and provide support even when the client is located in another country or within the confines of a small town. Clients who previously had no option but to move to another city or state now have an easy way to receive care.


Depression, anxiety and other relationship issues often plague our aging population. The advent of Virtual Counseling has opened doors to those clients who previously would not have been able to benefit from such a program. These clients are able to speak face to face with trained professionals who have the skills, training and experience necessary to identify underlying emotional issues and recommend customized programs. Clients are able to work on a variety of issues and improve their lives without having to endure the embarrassment or stress of having to go through traditional therapy programs. Online counselors offer a supportive environment that can often eliminate social anxiety and depression.


Another advantage of virtual counseling is that therapists are able to provide a more personal approach to therapy. Often, the in-person format is difficult for some clients to endure. A trained professional who is able to effectively navigate the Internet can provide effective support and guidance. When a person suffers from depression, anxiety and other relationship issues, they may feel reluctant to open up in a traditional setting. However, a trained professional can provide an online counseling program that will be tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Text-based online counseling continues to grow in popularity, even as text-based programs continue to dominate the text-based world. Because of the tremendous growth in the Internet and the increased sophistication of computer technology, text-based therapy is often more accessible and less costly than traditional therapy. Clients typically benefit from text-based therapy when they: – require minimal preparation time – require little or no specialized equipment – can attend therapy from virtually any location – may be more comfortable working with a professional in a familiar environment rather than being in unfamiliar surroundings (such as an in-person therapist) – may find that they are more receptive to treatment when they are motivated by a desire to get rid of their problems rather than a desire to avoid embarrassment. Many clients report that they would not have received the help they received from their text-based online counseling if it had not been for the professional expertise of their in-person therapist.

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