How To Restore A Hardwood Floor

When you decide that you want to have a floor restoration done in North Houston, you might wonder how different it is from other areas around the city. When you restore a floor, generally, you’re repairing a damaged floor because of all of the wear and tear that might occur over time. The floor might have been damaged from water damage, pet stains, or water spills, and all of these can occur over time. So, what’s the big difference?

North Houston wood floor restoration process differs from other parts of the country because it is a wood floor sanding and refinishing process. A floor sanding and refinishing process should take longer than most floors because it is a more elaborate type of floor restoration process. Also, sanding and refinishing a floor takes more work because it is harder to do it in smaller spaces like an office. Plus, wood floors need to be properly finished or left unfinished, which is something that cannot be said for other types of flooring. Wood floor sanding and refinishing in North Houston is not just a matter of sanding off the finish or sanding down a new protective coating. It involves a thorough cleaning and removal of debris from the floor that has built up over time, including dirt, debris, and stains.

A professional company will use high-end floor restoration services equipment that are designed to clean and finish floors without leaving too much of a mess, as well as products that are gentle but effective. The floor restoration services in North Houston include floor sanding and refinishing the interior and exterior of commercial buildings, as well as porches, walkways, decks, and patios. Plus, the floor restoration services in North Houston will include repairs to the flooring, including moldings, capes, sills, and moldless finishes.

There are many types of floor restoration processes. One of the most popular choices for restoring floors involves sanding off the top layer of the flooring and then sealing the entire floor with multiple layers of waterproof materials, such as polyurethane coatings. Other methods of floor restoration include steam floor restoration or the use of a hot water extraction system. Steam floor restoration uses heated water, along with an epoxy resin solution, to remove stains and restore the integrity of wood flooring. Hot water extraction uses pressurized water to scrub away dirt and stains from the floor, and then a sealing solution is applied to the floor to prevent future dirt and stain problems.

Some people may opt to hire a professional floor refinishing company to refinished their flooring by using an epoxy resin. In North Houston, many of these companies offer a variety of services, such as floor refinishing and floor sanding. Floor refinishing includes sanding the floor to remove rough areas and chips, sealing the flooring, and applying a variety of finish coats, such as polyurethane or epoxy. Many flooring companies offer both carpet and hardwood floor refinishing in the same neighborhood.

Flooring restoration in Houston, Texas can be accomplished by a variety of different contractors. Many offer free estimates on how to restore your flooring. Others may charge a low service fee for an initial visit and a full evaluation. Regardless of the option you choose, hiring a flooring contractor to perform a hardwood floor refinishing job will help you save money and time, while adding value and character to your home.

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